Newer model Dodge/Ford Diesel Dually trucks with a towing capacity of +30,000 lbs. allowing a cargo capacity of approximately 20,000lbs.

Hotshot services are great for servicing areas with length restrictions, getting into to tighter spaces like job sites and are ideal for the loads weighing under 20,000 lbs.

Safe and compliant Class A drivers that have years of experience strapping, chaining and tarping varied cargo.

Newer model PJ Airride and Standard 40' and 48' (8' & 10' over gooseneck deck) trailers.

Low deck height of 3' which allows for easier and safer loading and unloading.

Sophisticated tracking and mapping devices such as, XRS electronic logs, installed in all our trucks.

We are fully insured by an A+ rated insurance company.

4 wheel drive equipped to allow greater access to the point of pick-up and/or delivery at jobsites, ranches, etc.